Skill Test


The Users of our Website & App are given an opportunity to take different Skill Tests of their choice, which would have a corresponding Value (a Rupee figure) shown along with it, which the user can contribute to his/her selected Beneficiary by winning the Skill Test. The User who wins a Skill Test will be complimented with a Certificate of Recognition by VICF for taking part in this honorable venture.

There is a wide range of categories from which a user can choose the Skill Test he would like to play. The options being Logical Reasoning, General Knowledge, Historical Questions, Mathematical Reasoning, General Intelligence, Numerical Tests, etc. This segment also has a comprehensive list of intelligent tests for the commoners like Word Twist, Memory Test etc.

Our Beneficiaries are listed in this website/app and they will also be shown in a dropdown for the User to choose from, before he/she starts a Skill Test. Each Skill Test will have a Rupee figure shown adjacent to it, which would be the amount the User will win once he/she passes the Skill Test. This very same amount which the User wins will be transferred to the selected Beneficiary. The rules of the individual Skill Test would be displayed before the Test begins.

The Users do NOT pay any money but only spend their time taking the Skill Test, the actual money that gets transferred to the beneficiary is donated by the Sponsors of VICF who are listed in this website.

Steps for the User to take a Skill Test are very easy. They are:

1. Select the preferred Skill Test with an associated Rupee value.

2. Select the Beneficiary you want to contribute the winning money.

3. Upon winning, the amount won will be transferred to the selected Beneficiary and a Certificate of Recognition from VICF will be emailed to the User.