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VICF has come up with a novel idea in which various user-friendly, interesting, informative, talent-wise and knowledge-gaining Skill Tests are offered to our Users through our Website Portal and our Android App where anybody with a spirit to help the poor are invited to take on (play) and win these various Skill Tests of their choice to contribute money for the needy. The various Skill Tests options are provided in this website/app under the segment “Skill Tests”. The Users of our website/app do NOT have to contribute any money but only spend a small part of their precious time to take these Skill Tests and win it. The actual financial aid (the money!) that gets transferred to the beneficiaries is humbly provided by the Sponsors of VICF who are listed in our website/app.

"Every good act is charity. A man's true wealth hereafter is the good that he does in this world to his fellows."

Taking these words literarily we at VICF wants to provide a platform for everyone, who wants to involve in charity, a chance to do something even when they do not have the financial means to contribute i.e. to say in simple terms - They have the heart to help the poor but do not have the money to make donations.

Who we are

Vibrant India Charity Foundation (VICF) is a Non-profit Charitable Organization incorporated under Section 8 (1) of the Companies act 2013 (pursuant to rule 20 the Company (Incorporation) Rules, 2014) with a license issued by ROC with License number 116978. The company is licensed to be a NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) with the sole purpose of providing charitable services for the deprived in the society. VICF aims to become a charitable institution with a difference. We at VICF are keen to take everybody along to achieve this great vision of ours where we believe that the curse of poverty can be alleviated with the goodness in everyone who wants to make a difference.

What we do

Along with other normal and standard charitable activities VICF envisages this venture as a means to encourage the new generation in seeing the virtue of spending their valuable time for a noble cause like Charity. We are aware, like everybody, that during this age and time, the majority of our population spend a lot of time on their computers and mobiles playing games, music, videos etc., VICF wants to provide an alternative here, a new gallant path, where people can use a little of their precious time to take various Skill Tests of their choice for the benefit of the poor and for the magnanimous cause of Charity. VICF is confident that everybody would be enthusiastic to take these tests to help their deprived brothers and sisters who are struggling in our society with various problems like ailments and other serious poverty related issues. VICF takes it upon ourselves to make it a point to encourage every sector of our population to selflessly act for a virtuous cause by contributing only their valuable time and talent and nothing more!!


To Encourage and Lead Corporates & Individuals to Donate and Work Diligently to Eradicate Poverty.


No Poor shall Suffer with Humanity in Existence.

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