Investors and Stakeholders


Ramya J. - B.E. (Computer Science)

With 14+ years of experience, she is an asset to the company as she has immense knowledge in both IT and HR. This combination is highly sought for since she has the ability to manage the employees of the company effectively and also play a huge part in the maintenance of the developed App and Website. The website and App launched by the company is quite intricate and would require rigorous testing for bugs and errors regularly as part of its maintenance. She is invaluable at this role with her previous experience of working as Project Manager, managing a Software Testing team of a leading Software MNC. Her HR skills are instrumental in managing the day to day company activities.

Linet Jose - MSc IT

With 12+ years of experience as a Developer & Tester for leading MNCs in India she is an asset to the company for the maintenance of the Website and App. Since the Website and the App planned for the company is quite sophisticated, her in-depth knowledge in testing would be irreplaceable. Her experience as a Sr. Project Management Expert is also very beneficial for the company as this enables her to involve herself hugely in the day to day activities of the company by taking charge of all Admin related functionalities. The company administration requires colossal skill and her contribution to the development and organization of this segment is highly essential.


Jinu James - B.E., MBA

An experienced Instrumentation and Control Engineer with more than 19+ years of experience in Project Management/Engineering. He has both National and International exposure in Process and Safety control Systems with immense knowledge in system development and thorough understanding of System Analysis & Design. He has a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics & Instrumentation with MBA in Systems & Marketing. He genuinely trust and act on the unshaken faith that every human being is bound to help the poor and should contribute towards lifting the underprivileged from their sufferings.

Jiju James - B-Tech, MBA

An experienced Mechanical Engineer from CUSAT, India having 15+ years of International working experience. He has vast knowledge in designing electronics, electrical and mechanical equipment. He has worked for various MNCs abroad with a proven track record specifically in design oriented projects. He also holds an MBA in Systems & Marketing.He strongly believes that it is the duty of every human being to take care of their unfortunate, because the core value that has made what we are today is the compassion that we feel for each other.

Nobin David - B.E., MBA

An Electronics and Instrumentation Engineer with more than 19+years of experience on various projects in India and Abroad. He has worked in many countries around the world experiencing the difference in the markets across the globe, which enables him to have a thorough understanding of different cultures and lifestyles. He has a flair for marketing and holds an MBA in HR and Marketing. He has always exerted and made his life an example in proving how humanity makes the back bone of our civilization. He believes that the core value of a human being is the natural empathy one feels for the needy and the suffering.

Financial and Audited Reports

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